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The Classical Music Network

The Classical Music Network
For each of the room corners had a giant speaker, and two sound engineers played–as a background–any of hundreds of New York sounds, sometimes reaching peaks of loudness, but more often a low roar, as if in a solar-wind tunnel with moments of voices or …
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Eat like a Champ, Eat with a Woman's Legs, Just Remember to Remove the
These specialty utensils are called Lady's Legs Chopsticks, which is a lot more clever in Japanese (Kanojo no Ashi Hashi). These sticks are fashioned in the shape of (somewhat elongated) women's legs and are available in 3 different styles. If you're …
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Worrell: Vacation gives one some much-needed perspective
We joined some old friends for pizza and practiced using chopsticks in Chinatown. The good part about that kind of place is that it is fast and furious. The bad part is that it is fast and furious. Traffic kept us from seeing a few sights we wanted to …
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