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thick noodles used in chinese restaurants?

Question by jessile: thick noodles used in chinese restaurants?
so there is this fast food restaurant that has really good chow mein and the noodles are thick and fried but they are huge does anyone know what kind they are

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Answer by sean o
Egg noodles.

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  1. There are different noodles served in different dishes. Here are some you might take a look at:

    1. Udon (thick buckwheat noodles)
    2. Rice (both thin and thick cut), can be fried or placed in “sizzling” soups
    3. Cellophane (thin, clear)
    4. Egg (thin and thick), also known as yellow noodles

    The chowmein noodles you seem to enjoy are crispy and come in cans, unless they are fresh made. They absorb the liquid from chowmein and soften. Give your favorite restaurant a call and ask them what brand they use, then visit your local Asian supermarket to purchase.

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