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Tips on Avoiding a Sushi Faux Pas

Tips on Avoiding a Sushi Faux Pas
Never pass food to someone using chopsticks. This act parallels passing cremated bones of a deceased relative at a Japanese funeral. If you must share food, pass the plate so that the person can pick from it instead. If you take food from a shared …
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RICHARD BEENE: Bakersfield Observed, a blog about life, media, politics and people
We still use the commemorative chopsticks they gave out that night." MARIJUANA: The battle over medicinal marijuana, derided by law enforcement but praised by those who use it to treat illnesses, is heading to a decisive period this election year.
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Hints from Heloise: Virginia Baskerville wins contest with toaster trick
I knew better than to use any type of silverware. Then when the hint from Heloise said to use a chop stick, it was just like a light bulb went off and said, “What an easy solution!” I've used it ever since. My sister still uses a fork, …

Ryan Braun and PEDs in Major League Baseball: A Fan's Take
Contributor Network Mar 3, 12:20 pm EST We hear it all the time, whether it's over lack of instant replay or the fact that it'd be easier to eat jello with chopsticks than it is to find any notable MLB video on YouTube. The game doesn't embrace …
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