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Top 10 IBM i Tech Trends for 2013

Top 10 IBM i Tech Trends for 2013
It can be done, but with all the precise finger movements required to navigate the app on a 3.5-inch screen, it might be easier to teach a pig to use chopsticks. Instead of repurposing existing IBM i interfaces to fit on mobile devices, a better …
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The Slipper Man of Vanier has been sticking to his knitting for 22 years
“I saw my wife knit and I got intrigued so I picked up some chopsticks,” he recalls over coffee at the Vanier Grill. “I was knitting six months with chopsticks and then … “That's why I use a dark and a bright colour.” Asked how many stitches he knows …
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【Japanese Culture】The Meaning Behind Osechi Ryori: Traditional New Year's
The food is even eaten in a special way by using chopsticks that are rounded on both ends; one side for humans to use, one side for the gods. Let's take a look at the meanings behind some of the traditional osechi ryori foods. Kuromame, black soy beans …
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Keep track of what's reusable
Next she states that "all of Taiwan's restaurants use reusable lightweight metal or plastic chopsticks — no more disposable chopsticks to burn or end up in landfills!" Plastic and metal have high carbon footprints; elements of both have to be dug out …
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