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25 thoughts on “WARNING: Gutter Oil In China Used In Street Food”

  1. They were trying to justify it? What fucking video were you watching?

    They made their disgust pretty clear for the first three minutes and then
    speculated on some explanations of why it’s happening.

  2. Oil is not hard to come by in China, but it’s getting more expensive than
    people were used to. And gutter oil are usually put into empty bottles of
    regular oil and sold as fake, so there is no way to guarantee any
    restaurant as gutter oil free. It’s hard to battle against because its hard
    to identify and the factories that can make gutter oil are usually too
    small to attract attention in either huge Chinese cities or rural areas.
    Some Chinese universities are currently developing methods of identifying
    gutter oil through plasma and laser spectrum.

  3. I dont think cooking oil is hard to find in China. They are doing this to
    maximize profit and just dont care about other peoples’ health. Many
    restaurants in China do this not just street vendors. Cenk and Ana are
    tying themselves in knots to apologise and not to offend China. 

  4. So incredibly foul. I mean there is just no words. I could understand if
    this was part of a program that like filtered and recylcled the stuff (and
    basically made it sterile and..oh I don’t know…parsed out the industrial
    oils from the actual cooking fats…ha, fat chance..)…but this is
    just…Man I think I’m gonna puke.

  5. Oh, come on!
    Jesus, China – Whisky Tango Foxtrot?
    Plastic rice, counterfeit eggs, fake salt, cardboard buns and now gutter
    Is there any food in China that’s made out of food?

  6. sorry but this is a problem with the chinese. A lack of ethics throughout
    the country and a completely corrupt government……..imagine all the
    other things we dont know about…BOYCOTT CHINESE FOOD

  7. This woman is a complete moron. Watch the full story and Gutter oil isn’t
    only used for making street food as she claims but it is also used in
    Restaurants and even Hotels. Opening up China was the worst mistake Nixon
    ever made. Even worse in my opinion than Bush thinking he could Democratize
    the muslim world. 

  8. Yes, this is disgusting, but this is street food and you’re going to get
    this anywhere and everywhere -you get what you pay for. It’s not just
    China. Look at the whole horse meat scandal, you never know what you’re
    eating. I have a relative who works in the food industry, you’d be
    surprised at how food is handled anywhere.

  9. WilhelmDrake,

    In response to your inane question, where you ask, “What do tariffs have to
    do with this? This is a local problem.”

    China’s people live on less than subsistence wages, leading to bizarre
    stories, like this, where cooking oil sludge is pulled from sewage, and is
    recycled. The result is Americans, not yet willing to stoop so low, being
    priced out of factory work.

    In China, whether it’s electricity that’s cheap because China lacks
    pollution controls, or transportation that’s cheap, again, because China
    lacks pollution controls, or food that is dirty or tainted, because there
    are no food quality standards, the Chinese workforce can afford to work for
    next to nothing by purchasing and consuming frightful products, such as

    Americans who must compete with third world standards, such as those shown
    in this video, are losing their jobs as US factories, one after another,
    are moved to China and other third-world places, because that’s where human
    “capital” is cheapest!

    Get it? Got It? GOOD!

    IMBECILE, you are!

  10. Ellen DeGeneres stated on her television show that she drinks a full glass
    of this sewer grease every morning and she also said they serve it in gay
    bars and they call it the gutter butter this is definitely a drink for all
    homosexuals they should just build gay bars around shit holes sewer is for
    this reason

  11. And somehow TYT liberals still try to play-down and justify this. Far-left
    nuts are just as sick as China

  12. it happens, as food safety problems happen in every country. but aslo the
    same as other countries, it just happens somewhere, not everywhere.

  13. OF COURSE cooking oil is hard to get in china because here in the US we
    consume all the cooking oil they manufacture in china!!

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