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4 thoughts on “what are some authentic chinese dishes, food that actually comes from china?”

  1. The world is getting smaller, ingredients from China can be delivered to most big cities on this planet. Therefore, the quality of the Chinese dishes is really subject to where you live and see whether the Chinese Restaurants can afford to employ chefs from Hong Kong or other Chinese cities. The quality of food is very different even the most simple one like “sweet and sour pork”, the authentic one is real real good. (My homemade one tastes wonderful too)

    If you are in San Francisco or London, you can enjoy good Cantonese dim sum from the Restaurants in China Town. The roast duck in Manchester China Town was good too. You may have some good stir-fried beef noodles or Yangzhou fried rice in Vancouver.

    It is the chefs and the ingredients they use would make how authentic the Chinese dishes could be.

    Next time, when you go to the Chinese Restaurant, if you find there are a lot of Chinese customers + they order dishes which are very different from what you order in the Chinese fast food chain or take out shop. You may get the key to try some authentic Chinesee food there, ask the wait-staff to suggest something that are not Americanized or any-ized food.

    Below is the list of some famous authentic Chinese dishes

    Dim Sum (Cantonese / Shanghainese)
    Braised Lobster with chicken stock + e fu noodles
    Cha Siu (Cantonese Roasted Pork)
    Roast Goose
    Spicy Sichuan Chicken shred (cold dish)
    Roast pigeon
    Long steamed Sharkfin soup with Chicken and ham (below is the photo of this amazing soup)
    Deep fried garlic tiger prawns
    Braised mushroom (dried shitake mushroom) with dried oyster and dried scallops with oyster sauce
    Wonton mein (Cantonese style)
    Braised sea cucumbers with soy sauces and leeks
    Braised abalone (dried)
    Bird’s nest soup / congee

    (too many that I can’t list them all here)

    Below is the website with photos and recipes of the authentic Chinese dishes, the recipes were written by a Hong Kong Chinese, so please excuse his Chingish!

    Here is another website which you can view a lot of photos of the Chinese dishes by clicking the district and restaurants’ names.

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