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What are the must try food in hong kong?

Question by Andrew Y: What are the must try food in hong kong?
i`m willing to try anything… i live in the metropark hotel in mong kok..

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Answer by JAN
I have heard the dumplings are wonderful. I also am very hungry now. (smile)

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  1. Fish balls – This is THE street food of HK. Both curry sauce and sweet sauce are very good. If you saw some bigger fried fish balls, those were cuttle fish balls. You don’t need sauce for those. Salt and pepper worked better on fried cuttle fish balls. There is a slight problem though. Most venders don’t understand a word of English. LOL

    Beef ball soup/noodle soup – You want to try those from street venders or small shops.

    Jumbo mantis shrimp – This is not the name of the dish. This is the name of the main ingredient. Mantis shrimp got a hard, spiny shell. Spicy garlic pepper jumbo mantis shrimp is one of the most ordered mantis shrimp dishes. Those things got A LOT of shells. You could find mantis both on the streets and in restaurants. Jumbo mantis shrimp looked like a weird lobster with a tiny head and a long tail. Smaller poached mantis shrimp will turn purple after they were cooked and they looked more like a jumbo insect than a shrimp. LOL

    Clay pot dishes – Clay pot rice with Chinese sausages and various dried cured meats. Clay pot mixed seafood and fried tofu. Clay pot frog legs. Excellent stuff. Those are everywhere in HK but specialized shops by the streets are the best.

    Mong Kok is very famous for their fish balls and beef balls. Mong Kok is also famous for their street foods and small restaurants by the street. There were literally thousands of restaurants and street venders within WALKING distance and you could find foods easily 24 hours a day! Finding a good place to eat isn’t difficult. Just look for crowds. In case you didn’t notice, I only listed some street/semi-street foods in Mong Kok district in the above listing. By the way, don’t look down at HK street foods. You could even find Alaskan king crabs in HK streets. LOL

    There are two very famous restaurants in Mong Kok and both are Michelin starred. Tim Ho Wan is
    a very famous dim sum place. It is said this is the least expensive Michelin starred restaurant in the world and it is very true. Their baked char siu buns and lotus leaf wrapped glutenous rice chicken are VERY famous. A lot of their dim sums are just average or above average though. Showing up at this place on weekends is a big no no. The line will be looong and the food qualities won’t be that great. More about Tim Ho Wan: Ming Court is another famous restaurant. Their Golden Armor Shrimp, abalone fried rice (yes, abalone fried rice), and shark fin jello (yes, jello) is a must try. Their dim sum dishes are very good. The fish siu mai is a must try dim sum dish. Dinner at Ming Court is not recommended. Their sweet and sour or whatever dish with orange sauce aren’t very good. Their meat dishes are okay. Seafood is the way to go there. Their services aren’t that great. This is a place you walk in, order some signature dishes, eat and run. Depending on what you order, do expect to pay between $ 35 to $ 50 per person.

    Other foods:

    Deep fried roasted squabs – Very nice.

    Roasted piglets – You could order piglet pieces or whole roasted piglet. The pork rind will be very crispy. The meat will be very tender and you could break up the tissue with your tongue alone. There is also a lot of pork fat though. Some places serve their whole piglet whole. Meaning, you’ll get to see a whole baby pig including head and tail sitting on a plate.

    Roasted goose – Quite a few people in Hong Kong tend to prefer roasted goose over roasted duck. So size does matter. LOL

    Iced milk tea with coffee – As the name implies, its a blend of milk tea and coffee. This is actually my favorite drink. I couldn’t duplicate this at home because they used a special blend of teas. Excellent stuff!

    Hot pot – Hong Kong fatty beef hot pots are very good. You get to boil raw meats in a pot of boiling soup at the table. Those so called fatty beef doesn’t taste fat at all. They are very tender.

    Soft shell turtles – If you want to play it safe, go with soft shell turtle soup. If you are a little daring, try braised. If you are adventurous, try steamed soft shell turtles. Ugly but very tasty stuff. 🙂

    Snakes – Snake stew. Snake soup. Deep fried snake pieces (little meat and boney). Snake skin salad. Personally, I think snakes are overrated. Other than the main ingredient, it really isn’t that special. The snake skin salad was very interesting though. Chinese friends tricked me into eating that thing. I got absolutely no clue what I was eating when I first tried it. Those thinly sliced skin doesn’t have much taste and it was kind of crunchy. Snakes don’t taste offensive and they taste pretty plain. That snake skin salad did scare me when they finally revealed the secret. LOL

    Guilinggao aka chilled turtle jelly – It is actually a herbal

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