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What do you think of Americans who use chopsticks to eat Chinese food?

Question by Chipp Larkin: What do you think of Americans who use chopsticks to eat Chinese food?
I feel like they’re pretentious. It’s like, why don’t you just use a fork? My friend, who is totally American, would pick chopsticks to eat orange chicken or anything Chinese even if he were presented with a fork.

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Answer by Simon R
Some people prefer to eat the food in the custom the country of origin. Apparently you don’t. Let them do what they want and you use the fork.

BTW I use a fork too but in the grand scheme of things there’s bigger things to worry about.

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22 thoughts on “What do you think of Americans who use chopsticks to eat Chinese food?”

  1. when eating chinese food IF you know how to use the chopsticks, then by all means enjoy your meal no matter what nationality you are*
    it shouldn’t matter what background you have, if you’re american or not…if u know how to use chopsticks, then respectfully use them when eating chinese food*

  2. I think it is a bit of a culture shock but Asians have their own preferences and Americans might have some different ones. I think we should applaud those who try… It is really like giving Shepherd’s pie to an Asian and saying “LIKE IT!”. They may not…

  3. I am American and use chop sticks when I go to an Asian restaurant… why wouldnt I? It’s a way to get the full effect. It would be like going to a Moroccan restaurant and asking for a chair to sit in. ( Most Moroccan restaurants have cushions that you sit on while you eat)
    Wouldnt it be weird to see an Asian person at the Olive Garden using chop sticks instead of a fork?

  4. My daughter LOVES to eat everything with chopsticks BECAUSE IT’S FUN, are you against fun? In addition, eating with chopsticks helps you eat less because you get fuller quicker because it takes more time to eat the food YAY CHOPSTICKS!

  5. When I eat oriental I use chopsticks. When I eat other ethnic foods I follow their customs. For example when my family goes to the local Ethiopian restaurant we use the bread to pick up the foods like their custom/etiquette dictates. Do you think the people who generally eat with chopstick should bring their own if they go to a Western style place to eat where natives would generally eat with a knife and fork? Just because they normally eat with chopsticks at home or in the normal course of their lives?

  6. The Chinese (and Japanese) restaurants that I go to don’t put forks on the table.
    I know how to eat with chopsticks, so why not use them?
    I also feel like it enhances the meal.

  7. I am american and like to eat my chinese food with chopsticks, unless its a rice dish.
    I think its fun!

    I guess im not so much answering your question as of what i think of them.
    Im just saying, i like to eat with chop sticks and dont really care if that irks you.

  8. Some foods (like sushi) are actually easier to eat with chopsticks. A lot of places don’t even put a fork on the table, so you don’t even have a choice!

  9. I see nothing wrong to eat Asian foods with chopsticks. Yes it is fun and in some cases easier. Also
    many places give you unopened packs of chopsticks. Surely this is a cleaner way of eating compared to possibly poorly washed forks. I now have observed several diners in non Asian restaurants (steakhouses) using their own sticks. That custom I frankly don’t get. Show offs (?)

  10. I think, as a Chinese from Hong Kong, it is quite common here and there seeing Westerners using chopsticks in any big cities of China / Japan / Korea / Vietnam / Thailand…, I do not think they are pretentious however, they respect the Asian custom. While you could manage using chopsticks skillfully, you would like to use chopsticks, believe it or not, it is up to you.

    I have American / German / English / Australian friends who all manage to use chopsticks as good as any Asians.

  11. Does it matter? Maybe they are trying to be in the moment of Chinese culture by using chopsticks. Besides, what would you say to a person of Chinese ethnicity who was born in America to eating with chopsticks?

    ~Miss Pretty Little Liar

  12. I think it is great that people use chopsticks to eat chinese food – adds to the authencity of the meal

  13. It’s an individual choice that really isn’t anyone else’s business. Most of us use chopsticks here in the town in Italy where I live when we go out for Chinese too. If someone wants a fork, the staf has to go get one – why make extra work for them?

  14. Chinese food is made to be eaten with chopsticks, hence the sticky rice and bite-sized pieces. If one eats it with chopsticks, they eat it in the way it was meant to be eaten. I

  15. well i find chopsticks a fun challenge. it took me a while to learn to use them properly, and i felt really proud of myself for doing it. i eat chinese food with chopsticks simply because its a reminder that i accomplished something, and because its really fun.
    your question is nearly word for word to what one of my friends asked me “What would you think if i used my hands to eat indian food?”
    to which i answered, “why should i care? honestly, its easier to use your hands to eat indian food. plus its fun.”

    so stop being a killjoy, and just eat your food. Food is meant to be eaten, it doesnt really matter how.

  16. This Black Girl would love to learn how to use Chopsticks!!!
    I am always to intimidated to use them. I find that most workers
    at the Asian Restaurant enjoy seeing others try taking on cultural
    customs. It’s a beautiful thing.

  17. I feel it actually makes more sense to eat with chop sticks; its much cleaner and cheaper to use two disposable wooden sticks than using some silverware that may not be washed properly or disposable plastic cutlery. I actually have a set of Korean stainless steel chopsticks, that can be easily washed and stored.

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