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What is that in the foil at chinese restaurant?

Question by Sarah Smile: What is that in the foil at chinese restaurant?
At some Chinese restaurants they give you this meat stuff that is wrapped in foil and shaped like a triangle. What is that? I wonder if I don’t want to know.

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Answer by dale r
it could either be fly daag or fly cat or maybe fly lice..

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6 thoughts on “What is that in the foil at chinese restaurant?”

  1. Most likely, it’s chicken! Actually a take off from a dish known as “Paper Wrapped Chicken”. Easier to use foil, but just ask the waiter next time you’re there.

    Some places serve it as “Foil Wrapped Chicken”.

  2. to the people that said “it was dog or cat”, you’re racist, stereotype chinese people too much, and ignorant. Why dont you go get a life becuase no one like you anyway

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