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  1. Chinese food, is a unique, tasty and very common cuisine which usually consists of two main ingredients. chinese recipies,shanghai, Jiang-Huai The first being a carbohydrate source such as rice chinese rice or noodles noodles. The second component that is used in chinese food can be vegetables, fish or meat. Chinese Food Varieties Unlike meals from the west that usually consists of a meat as the main dish, spicy food in chinese food meat is not the main dish.

    As it is known world wide, rice chinese rice dishes is the most crucial item in Chinese Cuisine. On the other hand, in many places in china, vegetarian chinese food wheat based products such as noodles are just as good and is used instead of rice. chinese desserts In South China rice is dominant Chinese Food Dishes and in the north, wheat based products are dominant. Soup (with some wheat based product) is usually served at the end of the meal various chinese rice. However the western world influenced the chinese cuisine to serve soups at the start of a meal. beef , vegetables , squid,muscles , prawns , shrimps , sweetcorn, The chinese people are famous for their unusual eating method, oriental food “two chopsticks”. chinese traditional food In china the chopsticks are the primary eating method for solid food. chopsticks Soups and liquids are of course eaten with spoons and not with chopsticks. chinese soups The chinese cuisine uses traditional chopsticks made of ceramics and not with regular wooden chopsticks. sweet and sour It is reported that chopsticks made of wood are used by less people throughout chinese restaurant the world recently in order to save the forests and trees, therefore using less wood.

    The chinese tradition sees a person who eats with a knife and fork as a barbarian tofu (in the west the exact opposite is thought). types of noodles The Chinese dishes are especially made in small pieces in order to make eating with chopsticks a lot easier.

    Vegetarianism is becoming very common in china. chinese restaurants The chinese people have allowed themselves to became vegetarian because of an incredible thing called “Tofu”. seafood Chinese kitchens use Tofu as a replacement for meat in their meals. stirfry It is much more healthier. spices Tofu is also used to produce milk and cheese for those who are lactose intolerant.

    Desserts in the Chinese Cuisinechinese sauces are not as common as they are in the West. Desserts are not commonly served in the chinese cuisine, hot food but instead sweet foods pork are served during the meal. wok The prefered sweets in the chinese cuisine have fruits in them(the most popular being banana and apple).

    The chinese cuisine is full of healthy and tasty ingredients. sweet and sour chicken In the next pages on this website you are going to learn about the different varieties of Chinese Food sweet corn soup, corn soup, fruit, vegetables and Typical menus at a Chinese Restaurant

  2. Oh in China… well I was going to say CHICKEN but that’s not true there…. well obviously RICE is a huge one… I’d also have to say sugar and some white fish.

  3. it really depends where you are – this place is huge.
    to the south of china, rice is big, cause the climate is suitable for growing that stuff
    if you go north, up to beijing and stuff, you get mantou – a bread – and noodles.
    there are too many regional food variations – it really depends where you are.

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