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What is the proper way to eat sushi?

Question by shodandance: What is the proper way to eat sushi?
With hands vs with chopsticks. In one bite vs in multiple bites. Basically I want to know all proper etiquette tips if possible.

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Answer by Chuck T
Go to a Sushi restaurant and observe the others , then you will know :))

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8 thoughts on “What is the proper way to eat sushi?”

  1. The first time I had sushi was with a friend who had just returned from serving a mission in Japan for 2 years. This is what I learned:

    You aren’t supposed to set your chopsticks on the table… ever..

    Take the whole piece of sushi in one piece with your chopsticks, dip it if you want, and then put the whole thing in your mouth.

    If it is too large to put in your mouth, carefully cut in two with your chopsticks, and take one piece at a time.

    NEVER bite a chunk off.. always cut it carefully. NEVER use your fingers either…

    Thats about all there is too it as far as he taught me! Mmmm.. I LOVE sushi…

  2. With chopsticks I do believe. I don’t eat Sushi but I have seen others eat it with chopsticks at a Benny Hanna restaurant.

  3. For a young child, with hands and with multiple bites would be your best option. For everyone else, chopsticks and in one bite. If you aren’t very good at handling chopsticks, a fork would be fine, but to get the full flavor of the roll, eat in one bite. It’s all about the texture, taste, and everything, that you can only get if you do it that way. If you want to add more things to your sushi, restaurants usually give you wasabi and ginger. I always ask for shrimp sauce, because it’s just so good (I put it on everything!). They usually have small saucers at your table for soy sauce. I pour a little in, and take jut a dab of wasabi and mix it in the soy sauce with my chopsticks. That way it has a little kick to it, but isn’t as overpowering as putting a dab on the roll itself.

  4. in one bite.
    chopsticks and with hands are both good.
    there’s nothing special.
    no ones gonna look at you eat??

  5. I love sushi and happened to be lucky enough to make good friends with a sushi chef. He taught me the following:

    Use chopsticks, your hands are considered dirty.
    Eat it in one bite, even if it’s big. It’s meant to be a one bite meal. You will see people in Japan with big mouthloads, it’s not uncommon or rude when eating sushi.

    Also, the pickled ginger you usually get here in the states, it’s meant to eat after your sushi is done, (a lot of people put it on their sushi) but it’s supposed to clean ones mouth.

    Dousing sushi in soy sauce isn’t really authentic. I saw a show on Food Network about this exclusive sushi bar in Japan (expensive!) and there is no:

    Soy sauce
    Cream Cheese
    Spicy Sauce

    Sushi of course encompasses so many things, but an authentic Japanese sushi will be a succulent cut of fresh fish, (or roe, fish eggs) and rice. It’s meant to eat and to enjoy the textural differences as well as the clean flavors.

    However, since we are in the USA I say live it up. Experiment and have fun. My 7 year old cannot eat sushi WITHOUT fish eggs, he loves them so much:)


  6. I don’t think there’s any one proper way to eat sushi. I eat with chopsticks and usually depending on the size of the sushi I have consume it in one bite, but as far as making it even tastier I mix a pinch of wasabi into my soy sauce and stir it up until the wasabi disappears into the soy. After that I dip my sushi roll and top it off with some ginger root and holy crap it’s awesome.

  7. I spent a year in Japan and I havehad many Japanese friends and they all say the same thing about eating sushi.

    Chopsticks are preferred, but it’s perfectly acceptable (especially if you are from the west) to use your hands. Most sushi is eaten in one bite.

    Here in North America I use my hands and I sometimes eat in multiple bites depending on the type and size of sushi.

    In Japan people are more likely to be critical of how you eat, but here nobody will give you a second look if you are using your hands.

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