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What is vegetarian at Chinese restaurants?

Question by ddiggle36: What is vegetarian at Chinese restaurants?
Is the lo mein and vegetable fried rice that you get at Chinese restaurants and buffets vegetarian? I’m not sure if they use any type of beef/chicken broth or oyster sauce. If they aren’t, what foods are vegetarian?
Obviously, many dishes have meat that can be seen, so I’m not wondering about those. I’m wondering about dishes that might have some sort of meat broth or sauce in it. I’m also not interested in picking out the meat from my food because then there would be no need for asking this question.

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Answer by theHAIRYdog
not being the smartest dog on the planet, I would say anything that doesen’t contain meat.

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6 thoughts on “What is vegetarian at Chinese restaurants?”

  1. rice, chow mein, veggie egg roles, vegetables, crispy noodles, wonton soup (but don’t eat the meat in the middle), fortune cookie.

  2. I am 90% Positive that they are completely vegetarian, me and my friend are both chinese and my friend is vegetarian, that stuff is pretty much what we both order so yeah I’m pretty sure and well I did a little research and….i am 90% positive it is vegetarian, but you should ask the waiter/waitress what is in them just in case because some restaurants lie…..hope that helps

  3. You should ask at the restaurant. Most Chinese restaurants will make dishes with tofu instead of meat. You can ask if there is a meat in the broth/sauce.

  4. a salad 🙂
    some sushi.
    if you get the lo mein noodles(or whatever noodles)
    and not eat meat then i guess it could be
    and those fried strip things are…
    some egg roles.
    some chinese places sell tofu, but i got it once and it came with meat….
    just ask whenever you go 🙂

  5. You would have to ask the restaurant specifically some use MSG and oyster sauce and meat broths and some don’t and some will substitute stuff. I have one near me that has a veg section that has seitan and veggie dishes free of animal products but some put animal products into their veggies. With any restaurant you should always ask and you shouldn’t trust people who say you can eat this just don’t eat the meat inside of it because the broth is likely from animals and it wouldn’t be veg if you had meat in it.

    Sometimes you have to be very specific but it is always important to ask no matter what.

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