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What kind of food do japanesse eat with chopsticks?

Question by Rebe: What kind of food do japanesse eat with chopsticks?
I think its fun I am just learning to use them..
What foods can eat with chopsticks ??
Just for the fun of it?

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Answer by Karas37
Rice, sushi, meats, vegetables…

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  1. Practically all food from rice to noodles to finger food to soup and even coffee. Chopsticks are so versatile to use when of course eating rice to push the rice into the mouth, for noodles to pick up the strands of noodles and put it into the mouth, to pick up finger foods so the fingers won’t get dirty, to pick up those tiny cuts of tofu esp. in miso soup and to stir the coffee to mix in the milk. As an Asian, we even use chopsticks to eat pizza, hot dogs, burritos, tacos, etc after using the chopsticks to cut these food in smaller pieces and use the chopsticks to pick it up.

  2. Rice is their main food, back then and now. But it is designed to eat meat and vegetables and most foods. But a “spoon” is usually added to eat “soup.” And you drink wine and other liquids, from a cup.

  3. Here is a way as the internet…Holding-Chopsticks-Properly.htm
    also the use of offer by chopstick is no go as the plate with food is offered

  4. Asian especially Tahi, Chinese, Japanese consume dinner or lunch with spoons and forks.

    However their diet relies on noodles most of the time as an instance of rice. Please acknowledge that Chopsticks are good for picking up things like meat or noodles. In a noodles soup for example wontons and chow meins are good to use chopsticks but not rice dished it is not about convenience. But no body uses a spoon for picking up chips! “hands”

    Now you will want to get a pair of chopsticks and practice picking up things at home say out of 150 times and your statistics. Or if you want you can try picking up things for 150 times no less. With your hands. But it all start with having a pair of chopsticks yourself.

    This could be a normal $ 2.00 – $ 3.00 dollars at supermarkets, Or go to an Asian grocery and pick up a special good priced chopsticks “please do not give this information out”. They costs around $ 3.50 up to $ 5.50.

    The reason I tell you this is because you sounded a good behaved person. Good luck with it all!

  5. Hello Rebe, We eat most Japanese and Asian style food with chopsticks. Western style food in Japan is usually eaten with a knife and fork.

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