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What kind of meat is used in Chinese restaurants?

Question by TK Quon: What kind of meat is used in Chinese restaurants?
Okay I’m not saying that Chinese restaurants use dog or cat but I have noticed when I bite into the meat it looks different from chicken. I used to order the general tsao and the orange chicken and it looks like a grayish color and the meat is mushy looking and tasting. It just doesn’t look like chicken to me. What could they be using and if its chicken why does it look and taste like that?

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Answer by Paige
Its a Mixture of left over meat

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  1. To prepare the chicken for stir-fries, they boil the chunks of chicken with baking soda, which softens it and significantly changes the texture. The same process is done for beef which is why the beef in beef and broccoli tastes so rubbery.

  2. This is a common urban legend. the FDA is very strict about thees kinds of things and makes sure that they are giving you EXACTLY what they are giving you. the reason it doesn’t look like chicken is because, well its a bad Chinese restaurant, and before it was served the chicken was ground up and frozen for a month or so.

  3. The cheaper Chinese rests use a frozen chicken for their General Tzo’s. Sometimes you can ask for only white meat and they’ll make it for you fresh. THat’s great that way.

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