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What type of tea is the best for you?

Question by : What type of tea is the best for you?
I’ve heard green tea is very good, and I drink Tetley and Earl Grey on a daily basis- any more suggestions?

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Answer by – Sun Glare –
the regular kind

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  1. Green Tea is very healthy for you. It works as an antioxidant plus detoxifies and keeps you in balance. Some people use it as a dietary aide because of its abilities to digest fats and bad cholesterol.

    Suggestions for other teas you say?

    Of course!

    1. The best tea I drink on a regular basis is female tonic tea that contains herbs that regulate the female hormones and keep them in balance especially Dong Qui herb that is miraculous. For me, It helps regulate my cycle so my periods are hardly too early or too late, it reduces mentral cramps and the best of all, it boost your sexual energy so you have a healthy libido (sex drive).

    2. Chamomile Tea: Chamomile is a popular herbal remedy and it’s known mainly for helping with stomach aches and digestive problems. It is also used as a sleep aid because it has amazing calming and soothing effects.

    3. Other teas that are my favortie is Chai which is a blend of the Chia seed with other soothing herbs for your digestive tract such as cinnamon and it has a great taste.

    All these teas and many others can be found at your local health food store.. It used to be Wild Oats but now it’s called ” Whole foods market”

  2. well green tea is supposedly good for you- but me personally i like sweet tea (and i can’t live without it!!!!!!!!!! :D)

  3. green tea is good, it tastes good and helps u lose weight, really its proven. Raises your metabolism and can curb hunger.

  4. Green tea. My nutritionist wants me to drink a cup of green tea a day. I like Irish Breakfast the best, though, which is black tea. Black, white, and oolong teas are not bad for you, but they don’t have the same benefits as green, I guess.

    My nutritionist also wants me eating 10 walnuts a day.

  5. For health, green teas are the best. Now you will find green tea in your local grocery store, but the green tea that is best is usually only found in Health Food Stores and is in leaf form. Chammomile tea (not sure if I spelled that right) is also good. Peace:)

  6. In regards to health benefits, Green Tea has the most proven results (with scientific study) that benefit your health. Especially regarding dieting. Of course it’s no miracle cure or anything, but any little bit helps right? I actually take green tea supplements and it helps a little bit with weight loss (keep in mind it’s very subtle and you will still need to workout and diet) and I feel more energetic in the day..which is probably why it helps in weight loss.

    As for drinking tea. It depends on your budget. The best of course comes from specialty tea shops that you buy by weight, Then whole foods type stores, then of course just regular grocery stores (or asian grocery stores). Really it depends on your budget and how important tea is to you. If you’re like my Dad and just drink black tea 5 times a day, he just drinks cheap stuff all the time (like lipton bags from safeway) and then when he’s with his family or friends he whips out the expensive stuff from Hong Kong.

    As for myself I don’t drink tea too often, and I like all varieties. So I buy the expensive stuff from specialty tea shops and I make it more of a treat rather than a daily drink. Of course I have nothing against drinking cheap black tea at Dim Sum or cheap green tea with my Sushi.


  7. Have you tried white tea? It is high in antioxidants, low in tannin, and doesn’t have that bitterness sometimes associated with green tea. Without milk or sugar it is calorie free and rehydrating. I like redbush tea as well, that has no caffeine and is rehydrating.

  8. Definantly try the Green Tea and the Herbal Tea. They also help soothe and relax you, if your in pain drink a warm cup of the either one of those and sit in the bath tub and soak up you wont regret it.

  9. Rhubis, it is a white tea from Africa, it offers the most to fight the free radicals. (Not 100% sure of the spelling).

  10. Green tea has antioxidants that means it helps you fight aging,

    Most importantly, it helps prevent cancer and skin aging; wrinkles!!

    It has other benefits as well including helping your immune system.

    the list goes on and on…Green tea is so good! !

  11. Ha its funny before i read ur full question i was going to suggest green tea myself! Yes it is good, i’ve heard it helps cancer,
    rheumatoid arthritis, high cholesterol levels, cariovascular disease, infection, impaired immune function

  12. Hi, I am from Japan. I like Gen Mai Cha, Mugi Cha. Mugi cha, you can drink it hot or cold. I love it and drink it all year around. I grew up with these and very very healthy for your immune, skin and beauty, etc. If you are lucky to have tea house in your town, try them out and there are some more there you should ask. For everyday home, you can probably buy a bag of tea from the tea house or go to an oriental Market and ask. They have no caffeine in it, and just drink straight with boiling water. Get a nice tea set you will enjoy your personal tea time everyday. I drink only Tea or Water which paid off to stay looking young and healthy. 🙂

  13. i like the ordinary one xD but the green one is the best to heal stuff like if u have a disease or somethin ^^

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