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What’s the difference between thai customs/foods and japanese customs/foods?

Question by Effy Skorn: What’s the difference between thai customs/foods and japanese customs/foods?
this is for my project, it’s supposed to be a venn diagram and i can’t think of anything i mean they’re both asian right? a venn diagram containing 5 foods and 5 customs
thank you =]

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Answer by Del Mer
Thai foods are land-based proteins, beef, chicken. Japanese has more sea-based proteins, fish, whale.

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  1. Did you know that Asia is the largest and most populated continent in the world with 52 separate countries, all with different foods and cultures! Despite both being Asian, nobody would ever say that Chinese food and Turkish food are the same because they are both asian!

    Anyway, Japanese food and Thai food are very different.

    • Japanese food is not spicy. Chilli is an important part of Thai food.
    • Japanese rice is short grain and sticky. Thai jasmine rice is long grain and fragrant.
    • Japanese use chopsticks to eat everything. Thai chopsticks are generally only used for noodles.
    • Japanese food uses sauces for flavouring. In Thai food, fresh herbs give flavour.
    • Japanese food has an emphasis on fish. Thai food contains much more meat than fish.

    As for different customs, there are also many variations of what you can find in Japan compared to Thailand.

    Hope this helps put you in the right direction!

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