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which chinese foods require chopsticks to eat?

Question by Smoking Dreamer: which chinese foods require chopsticks to eat?
Which Chinese foods would you need to eat with chopsticks? Please be as specific as possible, with names of particular dishes.

If I went to a small Chinese food restaurant, what dishes that require chopsticks could I reasonably expect to be there?

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All of them. If theres soup, a spoon

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  1. None of them actually REQUIRE chopsticks. If you don’t want to use them, ask for a fork. But any dish other than soup and desserts can be eaten with chopsticks.

  2. Chinese people use their chopsticks to eat everything, other than ice cream, fruit. They scoop the rice from the bowl into their mouth with chopsticks, and even though this might look weird to westerners, this is the correct traditional way.

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