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Why are they called chop sticks?

Question by Dun Goofed: Why are they called chop sticks?
I cant chop anything with them am i doing them wrong

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Answer by Robin B
The origin is that they are the Chinese / Japanese implements used traditionally for eating chop suey and other finely cut vegetables.

The English word “chopstick” seems to have been derived from Chinese Pidgin English, a pidgin in which “chop chop” meant “quickly”. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the earliest published use of the word is in the 1699 book Voyages and descriptions by William Dampier, where it says “they are called by the English seamen Chopsticks”.
Chopsticks are used to eat many Japanese dishes, such as nattō

The Chinese term for chopsticks is kuaizi (Chinese: 筷子; pinyin: kuàizi). The first character (筷) is a semantic-phonetic compound with a phonetic part meaning “quick” (快), and a semantic part meaning “bamboo” (竹). The common translation is “quick little bamboo fellows”.

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