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Why do Chinese restaurants consider their food healthy when their food is worse than Burger King and McDonalds

Question by Sabastien G: Why do Chinese restaurants consider their food healthy when their food is worse than Burger King and McDonalds
I can’t believe it fools people. Why do people think that Chinese restaurants are healthy? This has to be the biggest scam!! One meal of Chinese food is like eating 4 Burger King’s Whoppers.

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Answer by Young Money
Ignorance is bliss….man chinese food is good.

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12 thoughts on “Why do Chinese restaurants consider their food healthy when their food is worse than Burger King and McDonalds”

  1. To make money of course. i think people should educate themselves on whats in food. i think becasue chinese have this way of life that requires displine alot of people want that so they think if they say that their foods are healthier then they will go with it

  2. For most people “chinese food” means a huge plate of meat in some fatty, starch, sweet sauce, along with a greasy egg roll and friend rice. But that’s not real Chinese cuisine. Chinese people eat a lot of vegetable dishes, and the main part of the everyday meal is rice. You have a bowl of rice, and you don’t pour food on it- you take pieces individually from a common bowl or serving dish. Soup is also very common at Chinese meals, and once again, not the cornstarch thickened glop found at the typical Chinese restaurant. Chinese eat much less meat than most Westerners, and good Chinese food has much less fat and sugar that most Western meals.

  3. I don’t think people are fooled at all. If you get something that’s deep fried – it’s obviously not healthy. And just like fast food places offer salads, chinese restaurants offer steamed/ no-oil entrees.

  4. YES



    i am not uneducated, dear…I HAVE A DEGREE from an institution


  5. With Chinese food it’s all about what you order… If your meal is consists of deep fried foods with sweet goopy sauces, then you’re eating a lot of fat.

    Also, people tend to over-indulge when eating Chinese food. No portion control.

    So if you have no self-control and are eating primarily fatty dishes, then yes it’s equivalent to a fast food meal.

    Only people that are fooled are the uneducated… sorry to hear that you are fooled so often.

  6. authentic chinese food is way different from what people think!
    it is rice, vegetables, fish, not alot of grease….
    it is actually a well balanced diet.

  7. Chinese food CAN be healthy, and it CAN be as fatty as a plate of fast food hamburgers. It all depends on what you order! Of course deep-fried meat is very high in calories, but there are many low-fat dishes available on most Chinese menus. Soups, vegetable dishes, tofu, and rice are the healthiest things at Chinese takeaways. If people are “fooled” into thinking that chunks of meat that are deep-fried and smothered in sugary sauce are healthy, they’re either stupid or stubbornly uninformed. And where did you get that calorie comparison from? Also, I rarely see Chinese restaurants declaring their food to be healthy–they’re usually aware that it’s tasty, but caloric. It’s not a “scam,” it’s just a business making money off what people like.

  8. Because it makes you feel good inside. McDonalds and Burger King make you feel depressed. Just try and imagine the result if you’re fat…no wonder the suicide rate is so high.

  9. Hold on, are Chinese restaurants in the U.S. expressly promoting that their food is healthy or healthier than American fast food? If there are no specific confirmed examples, then it’s rather unfair to accuse them as such.

    And please be informed that authentic Chinese cuisine, especially Cantonese cuisine, is way way healthier than the goop & gunk offered as Chinese food in the U.S. and other Western countries. I think this especially holds true for the average small Chinese eateries, but there’s certainly a few larger (and more expensive) restaurants that provide authentic fare (tip is to patronise those places flooded with Asian rather than Western customers).

    While Chinese food can go either extremes from plain home-style comfort food to artery-clogging decadent stuff, generally real Chinese food has lots of plain steamed rice, fresh veggies, tofu, lean meats, light soups that are healthy. Stir-frying with minimal oil, steaming & boiling are the norm, rather than deep-frying. There’s no MSG, heavy gloopy gravies, super thickened soups or umpteen deep-fried battered stuff.

    I hardly think that any educated modern consumer with an ounce of common sense will be fooled as you describe. Most people indulge in unhealthy food simply because they want to & crave for it (maybe they’re addicted to MSG). Scam? I think the real scam comes from fastfood joints who think that offering a salad option, a few withered lettuce shreds in burgers & processed orange juice qualifies their food as ‘healthy’ and justifies all the high calories, fats, cholesterol & sodium in their greasy burgers & fries. Not to mention the formation of carcinogenic (cancer-causing) substances when grilling meats over open flames.

  10. I don’t think most Chinese restaurants consider their food to be healthy. I don’t think they care at all. They just serve what people want them to sell. If Americans want to kid themselves that all Chinese food is really healthy, this is not a concern of most Chinese restaurants.

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