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Why it's time to ban the ivory trade for good [Graphic images: viewer

Why it's time to ban the ivory trade for good [Graphic images: viewer
The Chinese use ivory for art (carvings) and making household implements like chopsticks. They value it for its texture, warm feeling, softness, glowing color and ease of carving. Despite the availability of man-made alternatives, real ivory is what is …

Is there still hope for the auto manufacturing industry?
“We were exporting doors, lumber, software, all kinds of things and even disposable wooden chopsticks. Could you imagine how many chopsticks we had to export just to import one CKD kit? About 10 million! I think there is no … If you agree that we …

Transliteration: The X factor
It can be hard as in “loch,” or it can be soft as in “cheese” and “chopsticks,” so it has been abandoned and replaced by the plain H. It should really be an H with a dot under it, as used in academic circles for the eighth Hebrew letter, Het. But …
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